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Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stacker is the general term used to describe a piece of lifting equipment that you can find in most businesses and warehouses. More versatile than a hand pallet truck but not quite as useful as a forklift truck they can be an economical avenue to increasing storage capacity without the capital outlay normally associated with their larger brethren.

Pallet stackers can also be described as stacker trucks, stacking trucks, manual stackers, semi electric stackers, straddle stackers and powered counterbalanced reach stackers. They always have the same original raison detre which is to lift a load to a given lift height with a view to placing it for storage either in block stacking, pallet stacking or placement on a mezzanine floor.

Stackers may also be used in work positioning applications where clients may wish to place a product on a work bench or simply suspend it at a specific height in able to assist operatives combating the manual handling regulations.

Manual stackers are ideal for intermittent usage and semi electric stackers which have a battery operated hydraulic lifting mechanism are normally specified for the heavier and higher applications.
Fully powered stackers with powered drive and lift are the ultimate in this range however as they are pedestrian controlled do not need a basic certificate of training in order to use them and can be favoured over a conventional rider operated truck.

Fork configurations are wrap over or nesting type, for the euro pallet /stillage application, adjustable for the work positioning applications or adjustable with wide straddle for the full perimeter board applications. Alternatively, powered drive counterbalance or reach trucks which use counterbalance for stability and have no need for straddle or outrigger legs and are more versatile.

One Stop Handling offer a generous selection of stackers, from 400Kg Ministackers through to 2000Kg pedestrian controlled powered reach trucks with speedy delivery from stock.

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