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Semi Electric Stackers

At One Stop Handling we offer a wide range of stackers, designed to fulfil a wide range of functions and tasks. Stacker or Pallet Stacker is the common name for pieces of lifting equipment commonly used in factories or warehouses. Providing a halfway house between the pallet truck and the forklift truck, it provides greater lifting potential than the pallet truck, whilst being a more economically viable alternative to the forklift. Other names which the stacker is referred to are stacker trucks, stacking trucks, manual stackers, straddle stackers and powered counter balanced reach stackers. The stacker is designed to enable the stacking of block loads or pallets. In this range the lifting movement of the stackers is powered via an electro hydraulic pump motor assembly whereas the lateral movement is by means of good old fashioned manpower. Hence the terminology Semi Electric Stacker.

The range of semi electrical stackers available from Warrior fits into two main categories. The first category is semi electrical stackers designed primarily for use with pallets or boxes. The range includes the Warrior semi electric mini stacker, able to raise loads to a maximum weight capacity of 400Kg, with lift powered by an 800 watt motor, which powers the electro hydraulic power pack. These semi electric Ministackers are more likely to be found in high tech assembly areas or laboratories due to their compact size, ease of use and generally clean lines of design using a chromed frame instead of the normal painted steel mast channel. The range also includes the Warrior Semi Electric Stacker, able to lift loads to a maximum height capacity of 3300mm and to a maximum weight of 1000Kg, powered by a heavy duty 1500W electro-hydraulic power pack. These Warrior semi electric stackers are heavy duty and are most likely to be found stacking racks ,loading and unloading lorries and even loading mezzanine floors.

The second category of semi electrical stackers which Warrior offers is semi electric work positioners Designed to provide a mobile and adaptable work surface quickly and efficiently. The range enables the creation of a work surface of heights up to 1420mm, and has a weight limit ranging from 100Kg-150Kg dependant on the model. Both models come equipped mounted on four swivel castors, which enables a great range of mobility to the series, and enables the movement and use in even the most confined work areas. Both models are powered by 24v/12a battery pack, which is rechargeable with the charger pack supplied as standard. For more information on our vast range of work positioners please look at the appropriate category at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding to our stock please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on01384 895859, who are able to provide in-depth and useful advice relating to your queries based on their years of industry experience. Due to the massive stock holdings we keep, equating to a value of over one million pounds we are sure we will be able to cater to your handling equipment requirements. This level of stock holdings also allows us to deliver the vast majority of orders within three days of the order placement.

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  • Warrior 1500kg Semi Electric Stacker Warrior 1500kg Semi Electric Stacker


  • Warrior Semi Electric Straddle Stacker (3000mm) Warrior Semi Electric Straddle Stacker (3000mm)


  • Warrior Semi Electric MiniStacker (1200mm) Warrior Semi Electric MiniStacker (1200mm)


  • Warrior Semi Electric MiniStacker (1500mm) Warrior Semi Electric MiniStacker (1500mm)


  • Warrior Premium Semi Electric Work Positioner Warrior Premium Semi Electric Work Positioner


  • Warrior Semi Electric Work Positioner Warrior Semi Electric Work Positioner


All of our products have a full 12 months on site parts and labour warranty