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Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered pallet trucks are electronically mechanised and powered variants of the traditional pallet truck. Lift and movement of pallets is still facilitated by forks on the front of the truck, however in these models the lift of the pallets or the movement of the truck is electrically powered. Therefore, powered pallet trucks provide an efficient and low labour extensive method of pallet transportation. Available in a variety of different formats and models, they are able to perform a variety of varied roles and tasks. Due to our huge stock holdings, equating to a value of over one million pounds, we are confident that we will be able to provide for your requirements.

Most of our models can be categorised as motorised conventional pallet trucks, able to fulfil a variety of tasks due to unique design features. Such as the Warrior heavy duty electric powered pallet truck, with a load capacity of 2200Kg and maximum lift height of 200mm. This model has been designed with the movement of the heaviest and toughest of pallet transportation requirements at its forefront, powered by a powerful 1500W motor. We also offer a semi electric equivalent in the form of the Warrior semi electric powered pallet truck, able to carry a maximum load of 1500Kg, which it can lift safely and securely to a maximum height of 200mm, mobility is provided by a 500W drive motor, perfect for repetitive tasks. Or we also offer the more compact model: Warrior eco electric powered truck, due to the compact design this model it is easily able to manoeuvre through cramped and narrow areas due to having the shortest head length currently available on the marketplace. This versatile and flexible model is powered through a battery powered electromagnetic drive unit.

One Stop also provides a variety of non-conventional powered pallet trucks. For instance, Warrior power driven rough terrain pallet truck, with a load capacity of 1200Kg, transportation on rough terrain is facilitated by large diameter pneumatic tyres. It is often used as a cost effective alternative to a rough terrain forklift used in construction and agricultural environments. Also the Warrior high lift pallet truck series available as either semi electric or manually powered, able to lift safely to a load capacity of 1000Kg up to a height of 800mm, quickly and efficiently.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your selection please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 01384 895859, who will be more than happy to provide you with insightful and experienced advice.

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  • Warrior 1200kg Full Electric Pallet Truck Warrior 1200kg Full Electric Pallet Truck


  • Warrior Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Warrior Electric High Lift Pallet Truck


All of our products have a full 12 months on site parts and labour warranty