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Platform Trucks

The platform truck essentially combines the storage of a platform, with the mobility of wheels in order to form a truck, capable of moving loads of variant sizes and weights efficiently and with little physical input. These trucks come in a variety of forms ranging from trolleys to the platform truck itself.

Warriors range of platform trucks fall into two main categories, the first being the platform truck itself. The variants which Warrior offers include heavy duty mesh sided, the mesh sides providing a secure wall to enable the safe movement of heavy loads; with a load capacity of 500kg, a range of different specifications are available with differing numbers of mesh sides, between 2 and 4 sides. The platform truck is also available in steel and aluminium. Warrior also offers the rough terrain platform truck; thick rubber tyres twinned with pneumatic tyre castors allow mobility on inconsistent terrain, perfect for outdoor movement. All rough terrain platform trucks have a 400kg load capacity, and are available in a variety of specifications, ranging in size from 1250x650mm to 750x500mm.

The second main category of Platform truck available from Warrior is the trolley. Warrior offers a massive variety of several types of trolley; including the in store platform trolley with a platform storage, and also the all round trolley providing transport capability with a basket allowing a 100KG load capacity. Both models have structural integrity provided by the electro-galvanised thread used. Warriors vast range of trolleys includes the shelf trolley, providing shelves to carry loads, the basic shelf trolley with one shelf is available in two different woods, Beech and Birch, and also two different colours, orange and white. With more complex varieties offering between 2 and 4 shelves, and sizes ranging from dimensions of 1195x470x1590mm to 945x470x1120mm enabling a weight capacity of 250kg. Other trolley variants include stainless steel trolleys, with between 1-4 shelves; all models include two brakes allowing safe unloading. The Heavy Duty trolley, with specifications between 1500x700x460mm- 2500x1000x460mm dimensions; with mesh sided alternatives available to provide secure transport.

Warrior also provides a range of materials handling trucks, which allow for the movement of awkward and unusual objects, in terms of length; here barrows and trucks are available to transport long objects; Warrior also the coil cradle, allowing coil mobility and storage simultaneously.

Platform trucks enable the safe and easy movement of loads of various sizes and shapes from one location to another, due to the massive range of our stock warrior is sure it will be able to provide for your specific requirements. For further variety of Trolleys, Platform trucks and Material handling Trucks please go to the appropriate subcategory on Any specific queries and concerns which you may have regarding platform trucks, please do not hesitate to ring our technical team on: 01384 895859, who will be more than happy to provide detailed and in-depth knowledge.

All of our products have a full 12 months on site parts and labour warranty