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Pallet Trucks & Mover's

Hand Pallet Trucks are an essential tool for the majority of industry in the United Kingdom. Their robust design and simple mechanics make them strong and reliable. Although the basic design has not changed for many years, the advancement of new materials has enabled the basic capacity to increase to and industry average of 2500Kg and the net weight decrease! Our range of pallet trucks are available in many capacities and formats. As well as standard pallet trucks there are also a selection of specialist designs which are more appropriate for clients applications.

Our standard pallet trucks  come in 2500Kg and 3000kg capacities, with fork configurations to suit the Euro Pallet and the UK standard pallet. There are also special sizes for handling pallets used predominantly in the printing industry and the cash handling industry.

Other variations are, Extra Long Pallet Trucks, Extra Wide Pallet Trucks, Low Profile Pallet Trucks, Super Low Profile Pallet Trucks. High Lift Pallet Trucks, Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks, Economy Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks, Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks, Reel Carrier Trucks, 5000Kg Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks, INOX, Galvanised and Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks, Pallet Jacks, Pallet Movers and of course Powered Pallet Trucks. 

Pallet Trucks can also be described as pump trucks, sack barrows, and stecker trucks amonst other things.

All of our products have a full 12 months on site parts and labour warranty